TRENCHING by White Cliff Minerals at the Aucu copper-gold prospect in the Kyrgyz Republic has extended previously identified mineralized zones and uncovered new zones. The Aucu prospect is northwest of the company’s Chanach copper-gold deposit.

Trench results include: 2 metres @ 3.23% copper and 4.5 grams/tonne, including visible gold in the last sample with the trench now being extended; 5 metres @ 3.2 grams/tonne gold and 2 metres @ 2 grams/tonne; and 3 metres @ 2.4 grams/tonne gold and 0.67% copper.

Trench 2A has extended the high grade copper-gold zone to the east while trenches 15 and 21 extend the confirmed strike length of the lower gold zone to 120 metres in a west-north-west orientation. The lower zone has also been exposed in a recent bulldozer cutting. In addition, rock chip sampling on an adjacent ridge 300 metres east has identified a new zone of copper mineralization with initial results of 2.4% and 1.4% copper.

These results confirm and extend the original trench results of 10 metres @ 2.94% copper and 8 grams/tonne gold, including 3 metres @ 7.7% copper and 19.8 grams/tonne gold, and 22 metres @ 2.5 grams/tonne, including 4 metres @ 4.5 grams/tonne and 5 metres @ 5.5 grams/tonne.

Five mineralized zones have been identified to date – the high grade copper-gold zone, the lower gold zone, north copper zone, east copper zone and lower copper-gold zone.

While multiple trenches have been completed the trenches on the steep slopes either side of the ridges have gravel and soil up  to 2 metres thick covering the bedrock making manual trenching by hand very difficult. The company has adapted the trenching program to include more bulldozer cuts in these areas to expose bedrock and enable effective sampling. There have been eight trenches completed to date with mineralization identified in five trenches.

White Cliff has completed bulldozer access tracks up to 2900 metres elevation and is cutting trenches to expose mineralized zones on the flanks of the ridges. Further sampling will be conducted along the trenches prior to commencing a drilling program. The company expected to start drilling in late August to test the potential for mineralization at depth.

The Chanach project covers 83sqkm and is 350km west-southwest of the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek. It is in the western part of the Tien Shan Belt, a highly mineralized zone that extends for more than 2500km from western Uzbekistan, through Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic and southern Kazakhstan to western China.

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