The Putzmeister MINELIFT 4 scissor lift platform has a lifting height of 4 metres and 4-tonne capacity.

PUTZMEISTER has developed the MINELIFT 4 scissor lift platform to continue optimizing logistics of underground mining operations. With a lifting height of 4 metres and 4-tonne capacity, the equipment provides a mobile and secure working platform for load and personnel lifting in underground mining and can also be set up for all kinds of installations, like piping and ventilation.

For more than 30 years Putzmeister has designed, developed and produced equipment for shotcrete in mines and tunnels, combining excellence in concrete pumping with experience in the field of shotcrete, acquired in many tunnelling and mining projects throughout the world. The range of equipment for shotcrete is complemented by transportation equipment for concrete and cement.

MINELIFT 4 is available in a configuration set-up for the installation of water, air, drainage and tailing pipes in underground mining. It incorporates a drop-wing platform extension that expands the wide lateral by 700mm, providing a work surface total of 3400 x 2550mm. The high load capacity crane allows pipes to be lifted in an easy and safe way. For mounting, MINELIFT 4 incorporates a pipe handling system with two independent telescopic arms, designed for pipes from 100-200mm and with load capacities of 300kg each. In this way, MINELIFT 4 facilitates safe and efficient operation during pipe installation in underground mining.

For ease of operation in ventilator mounting, MINELIFT 4 is available with an auxiliary lift platform that provides a load capacity of 2500kg and lifts up to 1100mm from the main platform. By incorporating this optional equipment, MINELIFT 4 becomes a complete solution for lifting and installation work in underground mining.

MINELIFT 4 features compact design with heavy-duty axles and 4 steering and driving wheels (4x4), as well as a powerful 6-cylinder 130kW. The Integrated Continuously Variable Drive (ICVD) without gear shift allows you to leverage the maximum engine power at any time without breaks in traction, making operation easier for the driver. The combination of the hydrostatic drive system, slope measurement and Putzmeister control software form the core of the automatic downhill speed control system.

The equipment automatically adapts its maximum speed to the slope, taking full advantage of the engine retention capacity, thereby reducing the probability of operational errors. Service brakes on both axles are multi disc in oil bath, hydraulically operated with two independent circuits. This system provides great stopping power and a long working life, even in the most demanding conditions. This ensures maximum operational safety, performance, and durability of the equipment.

MINELIFT 4 features a FOPS/ROPS certified driving cabin, designed according to ergonomic standards to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

The equipment has LED work lights on the platform and on the vehicle, providing operators with a safe environment inside the mine. Thanks to the reverse camera with night vision, the operator can manoeuvre in reverse with confidence and accuracy. At the request of the customer, the equipment is available with an enclosed cab which can include air conditioning and heating.

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