The Rototcut steel cord conveyor belt cutting machine is state of the art German technology which is patented by NILOS GmbH & Co KG Germany.

The NILOS brand and company is known around the world for the application-orientated development of high-quality and innovative products of conveyor belt equipment for mining and heavy industry.

The Rotocut allows the applicator to cut very safely and very quickly through steel cord conveyor belts.

The traditional method to cut through a steel cord conveyor belt is to use an angle grinder or cut off saw. This method is very dangerous as it creates excessive amounts of sparks, toxic fumes and loud noise.

The applicator is also at risk to blades which break frequently and operate at a high speed, both which can be life threatening.

The Rotocut uses steel cord wires to shear through, rather than cut. The process does not create any sparks or toxic fumes. Additionally, the noise level is very low with just a crunching noise as the Rotocut shears quickly through both the belt rubber covers and steel cord wires.

The Rotocut blades move slowly within the main body of the unit so are of little risk to the operator. With no heat generated, a Hot Work Permit is not required while using the Rotocut.

Using a Rotocut is also a much faster method, as the Rotocut can cut through the complete belt at a rate of 1.1 meters per minute.

The Rotocut RCE40 unit could is able to cut through a 2000mm wide 40mm thick ST5400 belt in under two minutes, whereas an angle grinder or cut off saw would likely take 30-45 minutes. The faster cutting process can greatly reduce the required plant shutdown time, which in turn leads to higher production and productivity of the mine/plant.

The Rotocut can also be used to cut steel cord belts which are already installed on the conveyor system.

Using Rotocut on a mine and plant site it allows operators to greatly reduce any hazards associated with cutting steel cord conveyor belts, supporting a safe workplace.

*Article published in the October-December 2019 issue of The Asia Miner

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