STEINERT has joined forces with BM Mongolian Partners based in Ulaanbaatar to offer its sorting technology in Mongolia. The new Mongolian partner has strong connections with local mining companies, mining equipment providers and technical people to help boost awareness of STEINERT technology.

The impressive Genghis Khan statue complex outside the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

BM’s managing director Myadagmaa Jadambaa provides support to foreign companies entering the Mongolian market and is also chief editor of the local Mongolian ‘Modern Technology’ publication.

With globalization and rapidly developing modern technology, BM aims to assist Mongolia keep pace with rapidly evolving technology as it becomes available and to stay ‘in the loop’ by providing comprehensive information on real processing solutions for the mining industry.

Myadagmaa Jadambaa says BM is excited to take this first step of delivering essential, technology-related information to decision makers, the business community engaged in different development projects, practicing engineers and professionals, researchers and students, as well as anyone interested in the innovative technology STEINERT has to offer to Mongolia.

Many countries view the mining sector as the key engine of economic development - and Mongolia is among them. The main economic focus of this resource-rich country is set on extraction of mineral resources like coal, oil, gold, silver and copper. With mines such as Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi (OT), Mongolia has great opportunity to become a leading producer in the mining industry.

A major step has been completed this year with the new agreement for the major OT underground project but to bring the resources into global trade and to achieve maximum profit for the country, infrastructure development must be pursued in a timely manner. Mongolia’s main aim now is to set the economy on a wider basis and to adapt the development of each sector.

STEINERT solutions optimize opportunities

Wherever they are in the world STEINERT helps customers achieve their goals with sustainable solutions … from traditional and trusted magnetic separation equipment through to innovative sensor sorting technologies.  

Whether it’s to recover metals from scrap, remove tramp metal from product materials - protect processing plants from unnecessary waste or damage downstream, STEINERT specializes in:

  • Wet Drum Separation
  • Dry Drum Separation
  • Dewatering Drums
  • Overhead suspension magnets
  • Metal detectors

STEINERT ore sensor sorting technology has the potential to produce better quality upgrading of mineral product. It includes such technologies as x-ray transmission, optical colour and laser, induction sorting and near-infra red (NIR). This adds a new dimension to processing in the minerals industry by unlocking reserves that were previously not viable to process and increasing return on investment (ROI).

STEINERT ore sensor sorting technology is used in the following applications:

  • Pre-concentrating mill feed by separating it into high-grade and low-grade fractions, and waste fractions;
  • Selective high grading of existing waste dumps;
  • Reducing environmental risks and costs – smaller tailings dam footprint;
  • Optimizing multiple process streams, for example, sending appropriate ore to the mill and leach heaps;
  • Pre-concentrating ore underground or at remote satellite sites in order to reduce transportation costs;
  • Lowering customer operating costs; and
  • Improving ore grade to make marginal ore bodies more viable.

STEINERT’s sorting technology is being introduced in Mongolia through a partnership with BM Mongolian Partners.

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