KONECRANES remote monitoring and reporting service TRUCONNECT allows stainless steel manufacturer POSCO-Thainox, based in Rayong, Thailand, to monitor crane duty and effectively plan maintenance according to the specific needs of each crane.

POSCO-Thainox, the first cold-rolled stainless steel manufacturer in Thailand, has two Konecranes CXT cranes installed at Rayong, each with two hoists and specially designed for lifting steel coils. One is a 36/3.2 tonne crane and the other is a 30/3.2 tonne crane, both of which have TRUCONNECT installed.

“Our cranes work 24 hours a day – they never stop. The Konecranes units never malfunction or break down, so we can rely on them to avoid any downtime,” said POSCO-Thainox project electrical engineer Nirat Nasomsri.

“TRUCONNECT is really useful for monitoring our cranes’ usage. With the cranes operating around the clock, we have to plan any maintenance or servicing very effectively to avoid disruptions to our operations,” he said.

Konecranes also have the maintenance contract for the two cranes, so they are able to provide an efficient service from their Rayong service centre.

The stainless steel manufactured by POSCO-Thainox is used in a wide range of applications such as automotive and transportation, building and construction, electrical appliances, food processing, medical equipment, heavy industry, whitegoods and kitchen tools.

TRUCONNECT provides users with a clear view of their crane’s usage through continuous data collection. For the customer, this means improved safety and higher efficiency because crane maintenance can be planned according to the crane’s actual usage.

TRUCONNECT offers distinct benefits for users:

  • Overloads, emergency stops and other safety issues are captured and clearly brought to the user’s attention for possible corrective actions, such as operator training to improve the safety and productivity of the worksite.
  • It helps optimize the right maintenance at the right time, based on real crane usage.
  • The user can see how the crane is actually used and what is the estimated remaining service life of certain components so they can plan and budget crane maintenance actions with greater confidence.

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