Mongolia ready to hitch a ride on copper

THE improving copper outlook led by supply dynamics and the positive future for electric vehicles puts Mongolia in a very good position to benefit, enhanced by its location next to the world’s largest copper consumer.

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Innovation is key for Kal Tire

THROUGHOUT its history, Kal Tire has demonstrated a pioneer mentality, always looking for new and better ways to provide superior service. Kal Tire has taken this one step further by opening an Innovation Centre in Canada to harness its decades of experience and develop solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and safety.

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Mining needs a digital transformation

A DIGITAL transformation in mining is vital if companies want to address the productivity challenges facing the entire industry. Mining companies can start the process immediately by incorporating readily available digital applications to change the way they operate.

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Space – the next frontier of mining

Throughout the ages, mining has faced and met the challenges thrown up by new frontiers that have been necessary to exploit due to decreasing resources. With deep-sea mining of oil and gas commonplace and exploitation of seabed mineral resources imminent, the next frontier is space.

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