SINCE being established in 1986 MICROMINE has cultivated a reputation as a leading supplier of software solutions to exploration and mining communities throughout Asia, and across the world. MICROMINE has maintained this reputation by regularly releasing new software versions which build on the strengths of the company’s applications, thus ensuring the software continues to meet evolving user needs and industry conditions.

MICROMINE recently launched Micromine 2014, the latest version of the company’s leading exploration and mine design application. Micromine 2014 is the 15th version of the application which allows users to capture, manage and interpret critical data, and is relevant to all stages of the mineral extraction process.

Micromine product manager Daria Lvova says, “Micromine provides explorers with an in-depth understanding of their project so perspective regions can be targeted more accurately, increasing the chance of a project’s success. Miners are provided easy-to-use modelling, estimation and design tools to simplify day-to-day production tasks.

“Micromine has played a significant part in the company’s history. Not only is it our namesake product, it was the first solution released to the market in 1987. Micromine’s early success positively positioned the company for future growth.

“MICROMINE has grown from being the provider of a single software solution with one office based in one of the world’s most isolated cities, Perth, to having offices throughout the world’s mining capitals and a suite of software solutions and services across the entire mining process which are available in numerous languages. Our applications include Geobank Mobile (field logging), Geobank (data management), Micromine (exploration and mine design), Coal Measure (Coal data management and modelling), and Pitram (mine operations system).”

Daria Lvova says, “New and enhanced features specific to both exploration and mining have been introduced within Micromine 2014 to satisfy all users, from GIS specialists and geologists through to mine engineers. Micromine 2014 also continues the company’s commitment to producing easy-to-use software solutions that allow users to enhance productivities and cost efficiencies, two critical business objectives within the current environment.

“The Micromine Development Team has worked tirelessly to release Micromine 2014 only a year after the previous version and to ensure that the application and its developments exceed client expectations. By re-investing a significant percentage of annual revenue into the company’s Research and Development Program, MICROMINE ensures its clients benefit from the latest technological advances.

“In addition to the company’s ongoing R&D program, which has been supplemented by the largest ever grant awarded to a mining software company by the Australian Government, the Micromine Development Team manages a robust Beta Testing Program. This program includes a wide cross section of Beta Testers from various geographic regions across a variety of commodities. This ensures developments are informed by the needs of our clients and the industry at large, and that our applications aren’t specific to one geographic location or commodity.”

Commenting on Micromine 2014’s new and enhanced features, Daria Lvova adds, “The most significant update is the re-writing of graphing and statistical functions, providing improved graphics and more interactivity. The changes are so extensive that they are effectively new features. We’ve also added new functionality including box-and-whisker plots and a new semi variograms map. We looked at clients’ statistical workflows and have ensured that users can easily produce what they need with minimal effort, saving them a considerable amount of time.Although all users will benefit from improved workflows, it is especially important for exploration and resource geologists who use statistics on a daily basis.

“Our Steronet display has undergone a similar rewrite to make it much more visual and capable; through new options it is easy to summarize structural orientations. These new features are only the beginning. We plan to release more statistical and graph updates in future versions.

“To ensure the solution adheres to the latest technology trends, we have converted Micromine to a full 64-bit application. This builds on the hybrid 32/64-bit framework of our last few releases, and allows clients to use all available memory on their computers and work with more data than ever before.

“Micromine was already strong at optimizing memory and we are excited to see what this 64-bit release can achieve. Many underlying systems such as wireframes and drillhole databases have also been updated as part of this change.

“In addition, many users will benefit from two new Vizex fence diagram options. The first option is a 3D fence section, which produces a traditional fence section using segments that can be drawn anywhere within the display. The second is a drillhole fence with segments that snap to drillhole collars. All holes in a drillhole fence display are drawn vertically, making it ideal for seam correlation. For cartographic presentations we’ve enhanced our hatch patterns by including support for rotation and automatic alignment to the drillhole orientation, along with improved scaling options for our points display.

“Finally, our engineering and design clients gain a number of major CAD enhancements including new snap modes, and a dynamic input mode that allows specific numbers (such as a gradient or distance) to be entered in the middle of a graphical editing session. We’ve also continued to improve our pit design tools, a process that was initiated a few releases ago. As part of this ongoing process, we have added road and inclined switchback options, along with new surface road design tools.

“The new and enhanced features mentioned are only some of the improvements within Micromine 2014. The entire Micromine team is incredibly proud of this software version and we are interested to see what part it will play in the application’s rich history.”

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