PT Atlas Copco Nusantara says the new DM30 II blasthole drill is suited for both rotary and DTH applications with low and high pressure compressor options.

PT ATLAS Copco Nusantara has expanded its line of mid-range blasthole rigs with the addition of the new DM30 II series. The DM30 II is built on the engineering of Atlas Copco's DM45 and DML blasthole drills. The DM30 II is suited to both rotary and DTH applications with low and high pressure compressor options.

Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions marketing manager Mark Stewart, who is based in Nanjing, China, says the DM30 II was born from experience of having operated 52 units in difficult and remote areas over a period of more than five years. "We established manufacturing in Nanjing with the goal of developing a world-class, affordable product for the mineral extraction industry."

Pre-release units have been successful drilling for gold in Papua New Guinea, coal in Indonesia, contract drillers in South Africa and copper in Mongolia. Now the unit is available for rotary and DTH customers in the mining and construction industry in all non-Tier 4 emissions countries globally.

"We are well positioned with service and parts available from our Nanjing distribution centre to support the DM30 II in all corners of the world," Mark Stewart says.

Upgrades on the DM30 II include a more robust I-beam frame, increased decking and increased component access, and improved rod handling and breakout.

Standard features now include automatic thread lubrication, head-up tram interlock and grease manifold, plus a wider range of options created from customer special requests.

The component layout and spacious electric over hydraulic cab are taken directly from its big brothers in the DM line and the DM30 II's hydraulic system components, feed system and rotary head have been proven by more than 28 years of use on the DM30.

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