Graphite explorer Bora Bora Resources has entered into a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Monash University in relation to the commercialization of three patents invented and developed by renowned Australian graphene expert Prof Dan Li and his team in relation to large-scale applications for the newly discovered material.

The MoU gives Bora Bora the exclusive right to develop a commercialization plan in conjunction with Monash University for each of the three patents developed by Prof Li and his team, by targeting end users and applications, consulting with industry players and other potential investors, and developing a business plan and commercialization strategy for applications of Prof Li’s cutting edge research.

Bora Bora will collaborate closely with Prof Li and his team to explore new applications of Sri Lankan vein graphite and develop next-generation graphene-based materials and technologies. Bora Bora will exclusively supply Sri Lankan graphite to Prof Li’s team for ongoing research and development into graphene.

Graphene’s unique combination of extraordinary electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties combined with its high specific surface area makes it highly promising to enable new disruptive technologies in a wide range of fields.

Using natural graphite as the starting material, Prof Dan Li’s group at Monash University has developed a chain of platform technologies for cost-effective, scalable synthesis/processing and multi-scale structural engineering of graphene-based macroscopic materials.

Prof Li’s recently developed graphene gel-based films and foams incorporate well-designed hierarchical structures with potential applications in energy storage/conversion, membrane separation, biomedicine, ultrasensitive sensors and aerospace materials. Prof Li’s team has already shown, through his work on prototype thin-film supercapacitors, that multi-layered graphene gel films can allow for the production of cost-effective, ultrafast, high capacity, long-cycle-life and compact energy storage devices.

While many graphene start-ups focus on the production of graphene powders, Prof Li’s inventions provide a complete chain of techniques for scalable applications of graphene, ensuring high economic viability. In particular, this allows rational integration of synthesis, processing and structural design of graphene material, providing a unique technology platform to enable new innovations in many technological areas.

Bora Bora’s executive director Chris Cowan says, “With demand for high quality graphite and graphene continually increasing, the signing of this MoU provides further validation of the company’s strategy to focus on ultra-high grade, high quality, graphite projects that are suitable for the production of graphene and usage in high value-added applications. These exceptional products sell at a premium multiple well in excess of what standard graphite producers receive for their end product. It is pleasing that Prof Li has chosen Bora Bora Resources as Monash University’s exclusive partner in commercializing these graphene discoveries.”

Bora Bora Resources is a Sydney-based graphite exploration company focused on the Matale Graphite Project in Sri Lanka. Bora Bora acquired a 75% interest in the project near Kandy, through a deal with Plumbago Mining announced in 2012. The project is on 145sqkm of tenements and applications surrounding the historic Kahatagaha Graphite Mine, which has operated since 1872 and produced more than 300,000 tonnes of high-grade graphite.

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