Weir Oil & Gas, a leader in the design, manufacture and support of equipment for hydraulic fracturing and part of the UK-listed Weir Group, has established the first manifold trailer manufacturing capability in Australia. The investment in Adelaide, South Australia, will provide cost-effective hydraulic fracturing technology as the industry develops.

Australia has some of the largest resources of unconventional gas in the world and Weir says the development of local manufacturing will help the country take advantage of these.

“In-country manufacturing is Weir’s customer-driven solution and a key element of our global strategy,” says Weir Oil & Gas regional director of Asia Pacific Mark Pickles. “Australia is poised to benefit from the fracking revolution that is helping make the United States energy independent, but without local suppliers, costs can be significant as critical equipment needs to be imported. In-country manufacturing is Weir’s customer-driven solution and a key element of our global strategy.”

Weir has sales and service facilities in Adelaide, Perth and Queensland to support the Australian oil and gas market and delivered the first manifold trailer from its Adelaide headquarters to Condor Energy in August of this year. The trailer was specifically designed by Weir to meet or exceed Australian Department of Transportation regulations. Weir designed the trailer for rapid connection in the field in order to reduce rig-up and down time on site.

According to the US Energy Information Agency, Australia has 396 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable shale gas, about 20% of the combined shale gas reserves of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Manifold trailers are integrated, self-transportable pipe connection systems essential to hydraulic fracturing operations. They connect multiple high-pressure pumping units that supply water, other fluids and propping agents to wells undergoing fracking operations. The pumped fluids fracture tight rock formations and the propping agents hold these fissures open to allow the natural gas to flow more freely to the surface.

Weir Oil & Gas utilized the Weir Group’s significant presence in Australia serving minerals markets to manufacture its SPM Manifold Trailer with SPM Safety Iron connections — a unique design that utilizes field proven, robust flow control products in an ideal semi-permanent application. The flexible design features of this trailer, along with the reliability of the high pressure SPM Safety Iron connections, results in a durable manifold designed to increase safety and operating efficiency during fracturing operations. The trailer design is scalable to provide connections for eight to 16 stations.

“Weir is the first and only company to manufacture manifold trailers in Australia,” Mark Pickles says. “Our mission is to be wherever and whenever our global energy and resource customers need us, delivering innovative products and services and becoming their trusted partner of choice. As Australia’s unconventional gas industry continues to develop, Weir will be there to support it.”

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