Assays from vein graphite rock and powder samples taken from across Lanka Graphite’s exploration licences in Sri Lanka have returned exceptionally high grades of more than 99% Total Carbon (TC) which indicates the product is suitable as premium battery grade graphite.

The ALS Metallurgy assay laboratory in Perth, Western Australia, advises that with simple purification the product could be further upgraded to nuclear grade graphite.

The laboratory assayed a number of rock and powder samples of vein graphite which were taken from three of Lanka Graphite’s exploration licences within its vein graphite project in the country’s southwest.

The results indicate that with minimal processing the graphite samples would be suitable for use in nuclear reactors where graphite is an important material in construction and in temperature moderation due to its purity and its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Nuclear reactor grade graphite must be free of neutron absorbing materials, in particular boron.

ALS confirmed that both products can be sold as premium battery grade graphite and can be processed further through a low temperature thermal purification process for nuclear grade graphite.

Lanka’s executive chairman Jitto Arulampalam said, “We are extremely pleased with the results of these assays which show the product we have at our Sri Lankan graphite project is of the highest purity vein graphite and which, once in production, will command premium prices while coming in at the lowest costs in the market.

“These results indicate Lanka will be able to supply a premium product to the high end users in the market that would normally be forced to buy expensive synthetically produced graphite.”

Lanka Graphite is an ASX listed graphite exploration company focused on exploration of a number of historic and new mining tenements in central and southwest Sri Lanka.

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