Lanka Graphite has appointed a high profile advisory board aimed at helping accelerate investment and commercialisation of high-grade Sri Lankan vein graphite and graphene products. The Scientific Advisory Board will assist engagement with high value end users in Asia and the US.

It comprises key innovators and graphene manufacturers with linkages to the end user markets. It includes Dr Stanley Chang as chairman, Professor Wei-Hung Chiang, Professor Pannipitiye Gamathi Ralalage Dharmaratne and Dr Bor Jang.

Dr Chang is the current chairman of Medigen Biotechnology Corporation, has an MD degree from National Taiwan University College of Medicine, and a PhD degree in Laser Physics and Laser Biology from the University College London of London University, UK.

Professor Chiang is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He graduated from National Taiwan University, and later pursued a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, USA, 2009. His research specialty areas are plasma processing, catalytic reaction, and nanomaterials science and technology.

His work has been recognised by scientific publications in high impact journals such as Nature Materials, ACS NANO, and Advanced Materials, by mainstream media such as Forbes Magazine and ScienceDaily, and by international conferences.

Professor Dharmaratne is currently Professor at the Department of Earth Resources at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. He holds a BASc in Mining and Minerals Processing, MSc and PhD in Rock Mechanics and Excavation Engineering. He is a Member of the Institute of Engineers and Mining and Metallurgy, Sri Lanka and fellow of the German and Great Britain Gemmological Associations. He has extensive involvement in minerals and mining processing.

Dr Bor Jang received his MS and PhD degrees in Materials Science from MIT. Dr Jang is a former Dean of the College of Engineering at Wright State University and a former Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor with the University of Cambridge. He is a pioneer in the field of graphene technology, including graphene for battery and supercapacitor applications.

Dr Jang successfully produced isolated single‐layer and multi-layer pristine graphene sheets as early as 2002. Dr Jang and his business partner, Dr Aruna Zhamu, are recognised by Cambridge IP as the world’s No 1 and No 3 graphene inventor, respectively.

Dr Jang is world’s first scientist to study the application of graphene materials in energy storage and conversion (eg supercapacitors, batteries, and fuel cells). Dr Jang’s technical team has the world’s first patents on graphene applications in hydrogen storage (2004), fuel cells (2005), supercapacitors (2006), thermal management (2007), and batteries (2007). Of the 300 patents owned by Dr Jang, 180 are related to graphene, supercapacitors and batteries.

In 2007, Dr Jang co‐founded Angstron Materials, which has the world’s first industry-scale single‐layer graphene oxide (GO) production facility with a capacity of 100 tons/year of GO. Angstron is constructing its new facility with a capacity of 500 tons/year.

“We are delighted to have attracted a high calibre team of global expertise for the graphite and graphene industry,” said Lanka Graphite’s managing director Emily Lee. 

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