What makes a business successful? Providing a genuine product and a reliable product is a definite but that isn’t enough anymore. These days you must also provide substantive resources of experts skilled in what you need and mobilised in a timely manner. 

TAMAug12 FlexcoTeam Flexco, including specialists from Australia and North America, recently converged on a large project in Panama. Similar teams abound in the Asia Pacific too, attending customers’ needs in the region.

Flexco has strategically placed nine locations outside of the United States, so their customers can be assured of receiving the products and support they need quickly. Working from these locations is a global field sales force of more than 125 representatives who are always at your service. They can help you evaluate your system’s performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement complete solutions. The Flexco sales force spends a majority of their time in the field, working alongside customers and often with their distributors, to learn about the customer’s everyday challenges – first-hand. Such hard-won knowledge is used to design products that work better and last longer for that customer.

Connecting conveyor belts has been their business, but at the core is connecting with their customers and helping them achieve their goals. Flexco’s success is measured by the success of their customer – the reason Flexco is in business. It is Flexco’s belief that when their customers achieve their goals, then Flexco has achieved theirs.

Source: www.flexco.com

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