Updated: 17 October 2015 to show date change, see 'Sumatra Miner 2014 postponed' article here.

Preparations are progressing well for the inaugural Sumatra Miner conference and exhibition which will be held at the Aryaduta Hotel in Palembang, South Sumatra, from March 4-6, 2015. The event is being organized by Mining Media International, publishers of The ASIA Miner, Coal Age Indonesia and Engineering & Mining Journal.

The conference will examine the mining industry in Sumatra, focusing primarily on coal but also including other resources such as gold, silver and copper. It will also look at plans to provide more infrastructure in Sumatra to support the development of mining.

Although Sumatra has been hit by the economic downturn which has hit the global mining industry hard, exacerbated by a number of policies introduced recently by the Indonesian Government, the island’s mining industry has a very bright future and the Sumatra Miner conference will provide demonstrate how and why this is the case.

Sumatra’s coal industry is the second largest in Indonesia, behind Kalimantan, but there is tremendous potential for it to grow in the future and Sumatra Miner can play an important role in this process.

The exhibition will provide a showcase for buyers and sellers to exchange information and the latest innovations available to the mining, energy and oil & gas industries.

For conference, exhibition and sponsorship inquiries visit www.sumatra-miner.com or contact Dimas Abdillah in Indonesia at [email protected] or [email protected], or in Australia contact Lanita Idrus at [email protected]

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