A pioneer in the field of water management, Belleaqua develops green management systems for industrial corporations such as logistics companies, as well as for local authorities and private households.


Siemens’ LOGO! 8 programmable logic controller

To ensure that its solutions are not only reliable but also simple and convenient for customers to use, Belleaqua relies on remote monitoring and automation solutions from Siemens.

The technology used is able to detect fault statuses, control the flow of wastewater, reduce repair costs and cut downtimes to a minimum by means of continuous monitoring.

Belleaqua is breaking new ground in the field of water management. The company produces secure water tanks and management solutions designed to meet the Certipro certification requirements of the Flemish organisation Vito (Vision on a Technology for a Better World).

“We had the first certificates on the Belgian market for a concrete wastewater system,” recalls Belleaqua founder Jean-Pierre Depauw.

One reason for the system’s success was that it provided a complete one-stop solution from a single supplier, all the way from manufacturing to installation. At the heart of the water management solution is a LOGO! 8 programmable logic controller (PLC) from Siemens.

“Before we came across LOGO! 8, we used a controller from a different manufacturer,” recalls Mr Depauw.

“But it simply didn’t offer either the reliability we required or sufficient scope.”

LOGO! 8 opens up wide-ranging possibilities such as the early detection of faults and the provision of information on water quality. The logic module recognises fault levels which indicate how serious the problem is, and independently determines whether a technician should be assigned for repairs.

LOGO! 8 also controls aeration of the tanks to optimise the growth of naturally occurring microorganisms. These important microorganisms are used by Belleaqua to break down wastewater contaminants.

Belleaqua is highly appreciative of the improvements made possible by LOGO! 8 and the LOGO! CMR2020 communication module. The PLC it uses is ideally suited for remote monitoring, and its partnership with Siemens has also been highly beneficial. If problems arise, Siemens experts are available to Belleaqua with help and advice.

*Article published in the July-September 2019 issue of The Asia Miner

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