Epiroc has introduced the Pit Viper 270 XC series, which delivers application flexibility, fuel-efficient performance and enhanced safety with outstanding operator comfort and ease of maintenance.

EpirocThe Pit Viper 270 series, a mining industry staple can now be configured with the XC package (eXtra Capacity) to provide 42.5 tonnes bit load capacity.

The PV-270 XC takes the industry-leading Pit Viper 270 series to another level of productivity and reliability, ultimately contributing to the lowest total cost of ownership in the blasthole drilling industry in its class.

Epiroc’s PV-270 XC series delivers a hole diameter range up to 311mm. This is available in both the multi pass and single pass offering which provides a clean hole of 16.8 metres and 59.18 metres.

The PV-270 XC builds on the high industry standard of performance and innovation of the Pit Viper 270 series. =

With the Epiroc Rig Control System, the PV-270 XC can be run with an operator on-board using options such as AutoDrill and AutoLevel, or it can be run with the operator off the drill with the optional BenchREMOTE package, enabling one operator to run one or multiple units. It provides a foundation to add new functionality and options later without a major rebuild of the machine. Autonomous drilling can be implemented with almost no human interaction with the drill.

“Since the first introduction of the Pit Viper 270 rig, Epiroc have successfully deployed over 500 Pit Viper 270 rigs in the mining environment,” said Heino Hammann, Product Line Manager – Blasthole at Epiroc Drilling Solutions.

*Article published in the October-December 2019 issue of The Asia Miner

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