Dyno Nobel manufactures and has access to ammonium nitrate at strategic locations throughout the Asia Pacific region in order to meet the product needs of its clients.

In addition, Dyno Nobel offers a range of packaged explosive products for surface or underground mining operations. The customised strengths and handling characteristics of its portfolio enable safe and productive blasting applications.

The company also has a range of superior detonators such as the NONEL® non-electric initiation system and a range of precise electronic initiation systems.

A range of explosive delivery systems is also available. Solutions such as surface mobile processing units (MPUs) and the company’s underground DynoMiner range help to increase safety and productivity while reducing costs.

DigiShot Plus is a flexible, user- friendly and fully programmable electronic initiation system.

It features precise timing benefits, all-weather surface connectors and fast deployment with durable downline wire. The detonators can also be linked to the busline in any configuration.

DigiShot Plus offers additional features such as tag-on-connect and remote firing capabilities, as well as fully testable two-way communication and the capacity to initiate up to 9,600 detonators.

Dyno Nobel also offers the ViewShot™ PC-based blast design software to enable timing patterns to be downloaded directly from the computer into the DigiShot Plus.

Dyno Nobel specialist consulting division DynoConsult aims to improve customer outcomes by identifying and implementing process improvements.

Our high-technology team comprises industry professionals with local and international experience in surface and underground mining operations.

Dyno Nobel offers a full range of training courses to reinforce safe practices and update technical proficiency within our customers’ operations.

Its list includes the widely respected optimal drill and blast techniques course for both surface and underground mining.

Research and technology services in the explosives sector

Dyno Nobel provides new ideas in design and development, along with state-of-the-art technology in the field of explosives and blasting services.

The combined personnel experience and expertise within Dyno Nobel’s Research and Technology Centres reinforce its position as a leader in technology-based solutions for the mining industry.