Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables mining and metals companies to design, simulate, plan and execute their operations throughout the value chain.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the capabilities to navigate challenges as it:

  • Digitally connects your entire enterprise and enables you to accelerate your business transformation to address the pressing concerns of the industry stemming from key stakeholders to market volatility.
  • Delivers virtual twin capabilities that enables you to optimise your business from end to end, resulting in an improved human work experience.
  • Keeps you in the safe zone of profitability because you can simulate and predict how the market will and can behave, and then effect informed decision-making to preemptively address these changes.
  • Enables you to improve your ability to communicate your sustainability efforts to stakeholders, which is crucial in securing social licence and financing to sustain operations.
  • With these capabilities, mining and metals companies can understand and manage commodity, operational, environmental and sociopolitical risks at a very fundamental level.

Dassault Systemes The platform enables you to overlay your IIoT data, AI and machine learning on dashboards to analyze these risks, predict and preempt some of them, and create transparency around those risks and across different silos.
It is a single source of truth that enables stakeholders to access and act on the latest information, thereby accelerating certification cycle times and traceability, and gives them the ability to:

  • Extend compliance data to a broader audience, allowing or more effective decisions and awareness.
  • Integrate supplier declarations early into the product development.
  • Design in material compliance and monitor in real-time.
  • Establish end-to-end traceability during the development process that can be leveraged for impact analysis.
  • Quickly integrate new constraints and requirements from new policies and legislations.

“Our solutions represent Dassault Systèmes’ commitment to be at the forefront of the digitalized industrial experience,” the company stated. “They have been tried and tested in a variety of hypercomplex industries like aerospace and defense, transportation and mobility, manufacturing, consumer goods, life sciences, logistics and much more. Through these industries, our virtual twin capabilities have been utilized to digitally study and transform everything from the molecules in pharmaceutical formulations to the planning of the city of Singapore.”

Simulation capabilities from the life sciences industry could be used in mining and metals to devise new processing techniques that do away with cyanide in gold extraction or reduce the amount of hydrochloric acid in copper extraction.

Dassault Systèmes, www.3ds.com

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