Eriez maintenance-free electromagnetic demagnetising coils, designed for demagnetising natural magnetite flowing through pipelines following recovery by a magnetic separator, are available in 17 sizes and varying diameters and voltages.

DemagnetizingCoils 3x5These compact, lightweight and reliable demagnetising coils are designed without any moving parts to wear out and do not require any maintenance outside of normal periodic inspection.

Customers can choose from a total of 17 models with a selection of internal diameters ranging from two to 18 in. Standard coils are designed to operate from a 380 volt, 50/60 cycle, 460 volt or 575 volt, 50/60 cycle, single phase AC power source. Units can be furnished for other voltages and line frequencies, if required.

All units in this line feature coils coated with epoxy resin for protection against damaging moisture. The circular coil has a uniformly increasing and decreasing field in respect to slurry flow. Standard construction of the Type DRW demagnetizing coil is waterproof and meets NEMA 4 specifications.