The Americana is one of three styles of reflective hard hats offered by Protecto Products.

PROTECTO Products, a Southern California-based designer, manufacturer and pioneer in the field of reflective clothing, has unveiled a series of reflective hard hats for the utility, construction, mining, freight, cargo and other industries where headwear protection and visibility are critical to function and safety.

Unlike traditional hard hats, Protecto’s reflective hard hats can be identified by their unique silver strip patterns which provide high visibility for those at work in various industries where protective gear is a must.

“Wearing a safety hat offers great protection in the workplace but it can be difficult to clearly distinguish an individual in a low visibility environment,” says Protecto’s vice president of marketing Serge Laraque.

“This is where reflective, high visibility gear becomes so important. Reflective construction hard hats diminish the amount of head and bodily injuries and are a must in the commercial and industrial world today.”

Protecto asks employers if ‘workers are protected from the top’ because the company is fully cognizant of headwear visibility as well as its safety value and role in preventing injury and saving lives. The company believes that a hard hat without reflectivity has low visibility and endangers the person wearing it, especially on construction sites. New cutting edge ‘hi-viz’ styles are, therefore, always being developed.

Protecto offers three styles of reflective hard hats - the Americana, Liberty and Omega. Each is visible from side, back, front and top angles.

Protecto also offers peel and stick reflective silver strip kits to retrofit existing hard hats regardless of style, model and size. They are moulded from high density polyethylene and are removable, yet provide consistent adherence to the hat’s surface in any environment and climate.

Abiding by its motto ‘we make you visible’, Protecto also offers reflective short sleeve t-shirts, armbands, and wristbands for pedestrians, runners, backpackers, cyclists and others requiring high visibility clothing for low visibility environments.

Protecto continues to develop fashionable reflective clothing products with protection and visibility as the main goal. In the coming months, they plan to unveil reflective golf shirts and T-shirts with new and fashionable patterns.

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