ADEN Services, one of China’s leading facility management companies, has joined forces with French engineering company ALTEREA to develop new energy saving solutions for China. The new joint venture company is well positioned to answer China’s growing need to improve energy efficiency.

The JV combines the strength of ADEN Services’ extensive network in more than 40 Chinese cities and portfolio of 1000 clients with the expertise of ALTEREA, its 200 specialized engineers and in-house energy performance technology.

China, the world’s biggest carbon emitting nation, has pledged to spend US$85 billion to help prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2°C, however, it is lagging behind in its ambitious energy saving targets and is seeking to leverage foreign know-how to achieve them. Finding more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions is a priority.

Created in 2004, ALTEREA is a French energy-savings company whose team of experts specializes in improving the energy performance, architectural quality and exploitation of buildings. It offers a comprehensive suite of energy-management services, including retrofit and deep renovation to help clients reduce energy consumption, operating costs and eventually greenhouse gases emissions.

“ALTEREA is a pure service player, our total independence from equipment manufacturers and energy providers is well understood and appreciated by our customers,” said the company’s founder and CEO Alban Lapierre. “We have all the technical expertise but when you look at the size of the China market, you realize the best solution is to team up with a solid partner from the service industry with a widespread network. Meeting ADEN Services was a great opportunity and the shared values helped to quickly close the deal.”

ADEN Services has developed a strong Technical Asset Management Division, which employs more than 1000 engineers and technicians. The expertise of ALTEREA will broaden the group’s current offer and answer the growing demand from international and local clients for integrated service solutions.

“We are delighted to team-up with an expert company like ALTEREA which has demonstrated its reactivity and professionalism. Chinese technicians are undertaking training at ALTEREA head office in France and we are at an advanced stage of discussion with important clients,” said ADEN Services China CEO Sebastien Puydebois.

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