Magotteaux together with Manta Controls and Rockwell Automation announce that the Pulp Chemistry Monitor (PCM) was awarded Minerals Processing of the Year Award at the recent 2016 Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

PCM award“It was a pleasant surprise to have won the Minerals Processing of the Year Award. It is great to be recognised and it tells me that the PCM truly is a technology for today, given the current circumstances in the mining industry,” said Magotteaux manager Minerals Processing Research Chris Greet.

The downturn in commodity prices together with lower feed grade resources has emphasised the importance of improving mineral recovery and quality for mining operations. Optimising plant conditions to improve mineral recoveries is an important priority for mineral processing facilities.

By understanding how the chemistry and mineralogy are linked, strategies can be developed to overcome variations, which can result in a plant that runs more smoothly, and therefore increases valuable mineral recoveries.

To achieve this, Magotteaux worked with Manta Controls to develop the PCM, which measures the pulp chemistry of critical process streams in real time allowing the process to be optimised and metallurgical performance improved.

“The ore body is quite variable and the chemistry may change within the hour. In the past we haven’t been able to see these new chemistry variables that Magotteaux have developed online and then make an association with what is changing with the minerals,” said Manta Controls managing director John Karageorgos.

“If the mineral recovery or grade drops you need to understand the dynamics of the chemistry. In the past you had to take a sample, send it to a lab for testing and wait days or weeks for answers but with PCM we can see what is happening within minutes.”

The PCM capabilities arise from a combination of a fully integrated communication and high-level control functions designed by Manta Controls utilising Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture platform, and classical metallurgical know how provided by Magotteaux.

The PCM has been tried and tested in mineral processing plants for the past few years. Manta Controls invested the time in engineering the solution to be robust enough to cope with the harsh environments of the processing plants. It can cope with being exposed to slurries and salts as well as the weather elements.

Chris Greet added, “Now the hard work begins! The PCM measures the pulp chemistry, but to make the system more valuable we need to combine this with other parameters measured in the plant so that the flotation process can be manipulated and controlled. I look forward to working with Manta Controls to enhance our current system to further benefit the industry.”

Manufactured in Adelaide, the PCM is exported globally for integration into a range of mineral processing facilities to aid productivity and increase profitability.

Rockwell Automation Australia and Rockwell Automation New Zealand are subsidiaries of Rockwell Automation, Inc, a leading global provider of industrial automation and information solutions that helps manufacturers achieve a competitive advantage in their businesses. and

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