MICROMINE announces that Geobank 2017, the latest version of its industry leading, secure and flexible data management solution, is now available for download. Geobank 2017 delivers to users improved usability, functionality and performance, with a variety of benefits relevant to both exploration and mining operations.

Micromine logoCommenting on the release Geobank product strategy manager Mark Gabbitus said, “Geobank 2017 is the culmination of hard work by the product and development team to implement new features and improve the user experience. We are confident the new Sample Tracker functionality is going to be a tremendous benefit to our clients.”

The new and improved Sample Tracker module is one of the highlights of Geobank 2017. This module has been totally redesigned with new features incorporated, among them, improved performance of the ‘find’ operation on data views, additional warnings for incorrect data input, custom fields to despatch/receipt tables and additional search functionality for preparations, analysis suites and field preparation.

Sample Tracker has also seen several upgrades made to receipting lab files such as automatic reconciliation of lab files based on rules, and automatic despatches and receipt of multiple files. “This will help make loading historic data much easier and more efficient for our users,” Mark Gabbitus adds.

Geobank 2017 also introduces a more accessible interface for users to map lab files formats to rules and a new built-in metadata view has made inserting and updating Sample Tracker data easier and more consistent than ever.

New sample tags, QC types and text rules have been added to make resolving lab files easier and more accurate.

Interactive QC charts have also been updated to make it easier to identify and exclude outliers. Improving the users experience in Geobank was a key goal for Geobank 2017 and the improved workflows and new features will make users life that little bit easier.

Demonstrating MICROMINE’s commitment to the global market, Geobank 2017 includes client requests from North America, Russia and Indonesia. The most significant being the new Excel lab file importer. “This was something our Russian clients had asked for and which we wanted to deliver,” said Mark Gabbitus.

“The labs over there traditionally provide sites with analysis results in multi tab excel spread sheets. In the past, this required the database administrator to export the data to CSV and then import. Now it’s set and forget.”

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