The impacts of the easing of Indonesia’s raw material export bans to allow exports of nickel ore, bauxite and concentrates of other minerals under certain conditions along with improved prices for coal and most mineral commodities mean that the timing of the fourth annual Sumatra Miner conference and exhibition on March 22 and 23 could not be better.

SM headerThese factors have created some welcome optimism but have also led to more uncertainty, particularly for Indonesia and its trading partners. Both factors will have an effect on mining in Sumatra and the conference will enable participants to take a close look at the impacts and examine ways to ensure the region can more effectively exploit its natural resources for the benefit of all.

The fourth annual Sumatra Miner will be held at the Novotel Palembang Hotel in Palembang, South Sumatra and is organised by Mining Media International (MMI), publishers of The ASIA Miner and E&MJ Coal Age Indonesia and organisers of Coal Club Indonesia and Djakarta Mining Club. A Coal Club Indonesia networking event will be held on the evening of March 22 in conjunction with the conference.

Sumatra Miner, which is part of MMI’s Regional Technical Conference series, is also an opportunity to present new technologies and showcase their successful use in exploration, development and operational situations throughout the Asia Pacific.

With the emergence of a strong mining industry in the Asia Pacific, including in Indonesia, the conference aims to provide a scientific but practical platform to outline and discuss the use of new technologies and their application for target projects.

Sumatra is a resource-rich region, boasting coal, gold and copper, and MMI hopes that the conference and exhibition will assist the region to exploit these resources and others, and develop supporting infrastructure in a sustainable way that can benefit all inhabitants.

Guest speakers include Titan Infra Energy’s Dasril Jailani, MNC Energy & Resources’ Humala Oloan, Coal Augering Services’ Ian Follington, Feluwa Pumpen GmbH’s Gerald Tychtl, Royal Haskoning DHV’s Ekke Oosterhuis, Signtegra’s Wilham Louhenapessy, Jinjiang Mining Fund’s Biao Chen, PT Agincourt Resources’ Tim Duffy, APBI-ICMA’s Hendra Sinadia, PT SMG Consultants’ David Wyllie, PT Sanaman Coal’s Ben Lawson, Sumatra Copper & Gold’s Adi Sjoekri and Road Technology Indonesia’s Mark Harakal. There will also be panel sessions during which participants will be encouraged to ask questions of the expert panellists.

Valued sponsors for the 2017 event are Coal Augering Services, PT Agincourt Resources and SSAB. Supporters are the Ministry of Mineral Resources, South Sumatra Provincial Government and the Indonesian Mining Service Association (ASPINDO).

MMI expects that Sumatra Miner 2017 will bring together more than 200 mining players, solution providers, government officials, community representatives and consultancies over the two days and encourages anyone associated with mining in Sumatra to attend.

Further information about the conference and exhibition is available from Dimas Abdillah ([email protected]) or Niema Lubis ([email protected]) in Indonesia or from Lanita Idrus ([email protected]) in Australia.

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