BLASTING is a core mining activity that impacts downstream operational activities such as excavation and processing. Use of software technology in blasting has been prevalent for many years and use of blast designers is common but it has not been readily accessible to an average blaster in the field.

Integrated tools for blast data collection and blast performance analysis are largely missing from the industry. They also do not incorporate the latest technology innovations like advanced GIS capability ability to do blast design and optimisation on drone data at the site.

MineExcellence provides an integrated cloud and mobile-based technology platform for blasting which incorporates the latest in GIS, maps and drone data in its analysis. This platform takes an integrated view of blasting. It enables an average blaster to not only design their blasts but also analyse how a blast is performing and prepare for adverse impacts commonly seen during blasting, such as vibrations and flyrock. All of this, in an integrated manner.

This platform is a significant innovation since it makes high-quality drill and blasting intelligence available to an average blaster, supervisors and senior mine management, and is accessible anywhere, anytime, via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile-based enterprise platform. A person can simply register on the MineExcellence website and start using the platform.

The platform accommodates a blast’s entire lifecycle - blast design, blast data collection, analysis, predictors/optimisers (vibration, fragmentation, flyrocks), etc.

SaaS means anyone can access it anytime from anywhere without the need for infrastructure. You can use the platform by paying on a month-by-month basis.

The smart blasting mobile app is integrated with the online platform providing the ability to capture detailed blast information and do analysis in the field, including capturing GPS locations, date/time, photographs, video, etc.


  • Integration with major GIS packages like Esri and MapInfo.
  • Integration with ERP modules such as payroll and leave tracking.
  • The ability to see all your past blasts on a map.
  • The ability to view documents in the field.
  • The ability to capture pre-blast approvals in the platform and on the app itself.
  • The ability to see personnel and plant clearance zones on a map at your site.
  • Integration with Drone Data enabling blast optimisation on site and greater visualisation/simulation.

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