Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) launched a new economical compaction aid for bulk earthworks in mining and civil construction projects.


RST’s COMPAC promises environmentally-safe and cost-effective bulk compaction methods for bulk earthworks

COMPAC is the latest technology developed by RST in response to industry demand for faster, environmentally-safe and cost-effective bulk compaction methods for earthworks material as part of a drive by civil contractors for more project optimisation strategies.

Developed in addition to RST’s existing suite of products to further assist with earthworks compaction and stabilisation issues, COMPAC enables higher levels of compaction of all material types in all civil construction projects, using less energy, water and construction time.

RST operations and technical director David Handel says COMPAC is an affordable way for civil contractors, mine site project operators and civil engineers to improve compaction methods and achieve higher levels of material compaction to speed up project time lines and completion dates.

“The result of our technical research and development is an environmentally-safe additive, which, when added to compaction water at very low dosage rates, speeds up the compaction process using less water by allowing the water to penetrate and spread evenly through the material being compacted,” he said.

When added to compaction water, COMPAC disperses through the bulk material that is being compacted, lubricating the particles so they move closer and tighter together in a shorter time frame, with less moisture.

“COMPAC accelerates the rate at which the material loses its porosity due to the effects of loading,” Mr Handel explained.

This increases stability by enabling soil and gravels to attain a much higher density and strength can then be achieved in usual substandard natural surface-building materials.

Diluted into water at ultra-low dosage rates of 200ml per cubic metre of material, COMPAC is safe for the environment while enabling better long-term surface performance due to a greater depth of compaction of the construction material.

“COMPAC reduces void spaces between the individual soil particle primarily through a lubricating and dispersive action which results in a more efficient packing of the particles, deepening the effect of the mechanical compaction.

RST, an Australian business operating globally, has three decades of experience in developing versatile and effective environmental management solutions across a range of industry sectors including mining, quarrying, waste management, civil constructions and manufacturing.

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