A new highly-advanced, all-purpose formula to control dust, erosion and sediment has been launched by leading authority on fine particulate matter, Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST).

Guardian Dust Binder is the latest technology developed by RST to support the mining industry with an economical, multi-purpose product suitable to most applications, materials and climates.

An easy, versatile solution for a whole range of dust and sediment issues, Guardian Dust Binder is highly effective in dust and erosion mitigation activities, with additional benefits including; a reduction in water consumption, extended time between repeat water applications, fleet optimisation, operational savings and the ability to meet environmental obligations.

RST Operations and Technical Director David Handel said the company was achieving positive outcomes for clients through the development of effective, cutting-edge solutions that were economically viable and easy to use.

“We have been able to develop dust suppressants that are super concentrated and highly effective through our continual improvement programs and strategic alliances that provide us with the data to develop these leading-edge solutions,” he said.

“It is about finding the most cost-effective solution that achieves the best immediate and long-term results.”

Easy for operators to store and apply, Guardian Dust Binder dissolves quickly in water for treating unpaved roads, stockpiles, tailing dams, waste dumps and land rehabilitation works.

Guardian Dust Binder is applied to the water in water carts and spray systems to significantly reduce water consumption by maximising absorption and decreasing evaporation.

“We recognised a need for an easy, economical dust control solution that can be adjusted to suit a range of applications and for short- and long-term treatment,” Mr Handel said.

“Once Guardian is applied, operators can monitor the site and adjust the dosage to find the ideal solution moving forward.”

RST’s range of products are formulated using the latest technologies in organic and inorganic polymers, and include crusting agents that coat fine particles, binders for dust and sediment control solutions and wetting agents for achieve maximum material compaction.


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