Greater safety for underground miners is now easier to implement thanks to the launch of an innovative new product developed and produced in Bendigo in regional Victoria, Australia.


The SafetySpear can resolve a life or death situation

Rattlejack’s SafetySpear is a high-speed, high-impact plugging device for underground mining that protects workers and machinery from being hit by falling drill rods abandoned during previous operations.

Operating in a similar way to a car airbag, the SafetySpear can resolve a life or death situation in a fraction of a second and has the ability to catch weight thousands of times its own, remaining light enough to lift with one hand.

According to inventor and Rattlejack Director, Leigh Sutton, the SafetySpear will revolutionise safety across the mining sector and allow mines to operate with less downtime.

“What we’ve developed is an easy to implement safety product that will save lives and provide greater ground access because dangerous areas are made safe. That means they no longer need to be isolated and mining can continue working without disruption.”

Only 60centimetres long, the SafetySpear is made operational by using existing mining machinery and avoids issues created by moving large equipment in and out of confined spaces underground.

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