With the demand for mining software companies to continue producing software that maximises efficiency, companies like MICROMINE, a mining solution producer based in Perth, Western Australia, aims to meet and exceed these market demands across the products they make.

Micromine Pitram

MICROMINE’s Pitram is a leading fleet management and mine control solution for underground mines that is used by mine sites worldwide. Pitram manages and processes mine site data in real time giving mine operators greater control of the operational processes occurring on site. Utilising high precision GPS software provided by Carlson Software, Pitram ensures the precise operation of a mine plan, eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

One of the features of the Pitram solution is the Drill and Blast Management module that helps achieve these targets. The module focuses on the planning stage of the drilling and blasting process as well as providing real time information on the quality and quantity of resource you are taking out of the ground.

A key feature of this module is the planning and scheduling functionality which allows for more control over mining operations. In terms of the drilling and blasting process, this feature allows users to see planned drill holes, if they are ready to be charged, the amount of stocks that have been removed and the remaining stock available at any given time.

Optimisation is also achieved through Pitram’s extraction and ore removal monitoring which assists with the control over the resources being mined. This control allows mine operators to know exactly what they are taking out of the ground, the quantities they have left and what quality it is. The Drill and Blast module also has grade dilution awareness capabilities that are assisted through the GNSS guidance.

Working in conjunction with MICROMINE’s 3D mine design solution, Micromine, Pitram’s accurate plotting of drill holes assists in reducing the chance that dilution will occur. Knowing when grade dilution begins to occur helps the mine operator know that it is time to move onto the next drilling hole and not pursue cost inefficient grades which again is key in the pursuit of cost efficiency.

Pitram focuses on the presentation of the production cycle data in visual format as MICROMINE believes the visual representation allows geologists to have an easier understanding of what is occurring, therefore allowing for greater control. The safety aspects of a visual format are also beneficial in a mining operation. As drilling and blasting presents many dangers to workers, knowing what hole is about to be blasted or drilled assists the mine operator ensure their workers are clear from any potential dangers.

Pitram also has enhanced planning and scheduling functionality, a feature which allows for more control over mining operations. The High Precision GPS ensures the accurate measure of drill holes, ensuring that errors are reduced to a minimum. This in turn assists in the planning and scheduling of the drill and blast process as the reduction of errors allows mine operators to plan this phase of the operation with confidence and as the Carlson software is utilised in other stages of the mining process, the efficiency of the planning process is increased as the software continues to help reduce errors. With such a huge focus on optimisation around mine sites, a feature that allows for the increased levels of planning and scheduling efficiency is highly valued.

MICROMINE’s Pitram solution allows mine operators greater control of their mine site through the visual format, extensive planning capabilities and increased scheduling functionality. The design of the fleet management and mine control solution allows for users to be aware of the various stages in their production cycle, through extensive management reporting capabilities keeps them alert to when dilution begins to occur, allowing for greater efficiency, which due to the current state of the mining industry, is extremely crucial.