MICROMINE has implemented its fleet management and mine control solution Pitram at a large Mongolian copper mine operated by Erdenet Mining Corporation (EMC). MICROMINE provides intuitive software solutions to the global exploration and mining industry.

The implementation of Pitram on EMC’s hauling fleet, included the integration to Belaz payload and fuel management systems, along with Carlson Software Machine Guidance (HPGPS) across their drills and loading equipment.

MICROMINE’s chief operations officer Michael Layng says, “This is the first deployment of the Pitram Machine Guidance Solution utilising Carlson technology in the world. Pitram will improve operations by providing advanced fleet management capabilities, including optimisation of truck assignments, tight control of fuel usage and vehicle speed restrictions, and high precision machine guidance.”

He says the integration between Pitram and Carlson technology provides a seamless experience for the operator with both machine guidance and fleet management functionalities visible on the same screen at the same time. Equipment operators are able to perform activities such as drilling, excavation and loading more precisely, ensuring the mine’s objectives are achieved more efficiently.

EMC has been using MICROMINE software since 2011. Adding Pitram to existing Micromine and Geobank technologies on site provides integration from exploration and mine design through to production, allowing for increased operational management in real time and tightly controlled delivery of ore to the mill.

MICROMINE says Pitram is a proven system for the management, control and process improvement of mining operations. It is used to record data related to equipment, personnel, locations and materials data, providing an overall view of mine status, thereby increasing control and efficiency. Pitram’s analytical tools help mine controllers and engineers identify operational constraints, improve the utilisation of resources and increase production.

It says Pitram makes development and production more efficient and safe by providing miners with real time information on equipment, ore and personnel thereby facilitating faster and smarter decision-making.

EMC was originally established in 1973 as a joint venture between the governments of Mongolia and the former Soviet Union. It is one of the biggest mining and processing facilities in Asia, annually processing 26 million tonnes of ore to produce 530,000 tonnes of copper concentrate and 4500 tonnes of molybdenum concentrates.