... a case study for the STEINERT MP Mains Powered suspension magnet

GRANITE Rock Quarry in the East Gippsland town of Bairnsdale, Victoria provides construction services, aggregate, ready-mix concrete, asphalt and building materials from various highway projects through to home improvement projects. Quality construction products require quality materials and services, which are what Granite Rock Quarry provide.


The STEINERT 22 MP at work in the Victorian quarry.

The suspension magnet from STEINERT has solved tramp metal issues.

The quarry in the town of Bairnsdale plans to install more STEINERT magnets.

Recently the business purchased the newest addition to the STEINERT magnetic separation range, the STEINERT 22 MP. This is a mains powered overhead suspension electromagnet hat doesn’t require a separate power supply and has been designed to make use of the customer’s existing mains power supply.

Granite Rock Quarry’s Stephen Bennett said, “The reason for choosing the MP magnet was to prevent steel travelling downstream in the processing line.

“Before installing the MP magnet, tramp steel was travelling through the plant and onto the crushers. This was causing the crushers to jam up, hence causing non-productive downtime.”

Having not worked with this product before, Stephen Bennett said his experience had been a good one and working with STEINERT made his job easier.

The quarry originally had another magnetic solution in mind - a metal detector. However, STEINERT sales engineer Anthony Grisancich visited the quarry and discussed processes with the Granite Rock Quarry team, who found the STEINERT MP magnet the most affordable and effective solution for the quarry’s tramp metal issues.

Since making the decision to include the MP magnet at the plant, Stephen Bennett said the best thing about the magnet was that: “It has saved us a lot of heartache. The crushers are now jam-free and downtime is prevented. All it takes is a metal tooth from a former job – something so simple, yet it causes major damage to the crushers.”

Some other advantages the STEINERT MP range can offer are:

  • Reduced overall footprint as there is no area required for a control cabinet;
  • Reduced costs of installation time and commissioning;
  • Available in a range of size and models - including self-cleaning;
  • Australian-made; and
  • Requires a suitable three-phase power source.

Stephen Bennett definitely recommends the STEINERT MP suspension magnet as the right tool for the job, especially for the harsh requirements of the quarry industry.

He said, “This was so simple to install and it does the job well. From a customer’s perspective, from the very first enquiry phone call, right through to the magnet now working away in the plant, everything has just gone perfectly.”

The Bairnsdale quarry has a secondary plant expansion under way and since the success of the first placement of the new MP magnet - preventing tramp material entering the plant - there are another 22 MP magnets planned for upcoming commissioning.

STEINERT continues to provide real and affordable solutions for the separation and sorting of cement, aggregates, slag and recycling materials via magnetic separation and sensor-based sorting equipment.

STEINERT now also represents HAZEMAG and allmineral in the Australian region, thereby also offering an extended range of quarry solutions that include crushers, centre sizers and hammer mills through to jigs and classifiers.

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