FLOLEVEL Technologies, an innovator of level measurement products, has launched a new self-cleaning acoustic density interface transmitter for mining and applications that suffer from build-up issues. This new technology accurately measures most liquid/slurry solutions where an interface of up to two densities exists and that need to be monitored continuously.

The level interface transmitter tracks liquid to liquid interface, liquid to paste interface and liquid to granular interface. It is a hi-powered ultrasonic self-cleaning transmitter that is not affected by changes in the conductivity and dielectric of the solution.

The pulse amplitude is great enough to cause a phenomenon called 'rarefaction', which causes cavitation to be produced from the array transducer diaphragms as they pulse. The cavitation bubbles oscillate in front of the diaphragm, which cause implosions that generate high energy levels, removing scale and other build-up problems.

"With more than 30 years of experience from many different applications in the mining industry, we have developed a density interface transmitter that will significantly improve automation control in very difficult interface applications and significantly cut costs for the mining industry", says FloLevel Technologies' owner and inventor Robert Stirling.

The FloLevel system is easy to install from the top of the tank and is easy to calibrate. It comes with adjustable 316SS bracket, with flange mounting options and a colour display controller mounted in a stainless steel enclosure. They can measure the density interface, with a maximum control range of 6400mm and resolution accuracy options available are 15mm and 25mm.

Various output capability options are available, like 3 x 4-20Ma, Modbus, ProfiBus, Foundation FieldBus, DeviceNet and Ethernet. The FloLevel Array is suitable for all mineral slurry applications.
FloLevel Technologies develops and manufactures level density and flow analysers for Flotation Cells. The FloLevel products optimize the mineral recovery process in flotation cells and significantly cut costs for the mining industry.

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