THE provision of roads in and around mine sites is a complex and costly necessity, just as in all road transport situations, but RBI Grade 81 natural soil stabilizer delivers an economic and environmentally-friendly solution.
Developed by Road Building International, RBI Grade 81 natural soil stabilizer provides a road infrastructure development alternative which preserves the environment by mostly using the in-situ natural soil and it reduces the cost of road construction by a minimum of 50%.
The technology can be used in a variety of applications, from highways and expressways, and haul roads facing extreme loads to foundation layers in primary roads, secondary roads, bicycle paths, parking lots, airfields, brick-making and in the treatment of recycled asphalt.
In a world where dependency on roads is constantly rising, the way these roads are constructed is becoming increasingly significant. After years of research, testing and applications, RBI was established to provide a unique, comprehensive and advanced soil stabilization solution for road construction.
RBI Grade 81 natural soil stabilizer meets all European standards and is manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management in several European countries and India. It is exclusively available throughout the whole of Europe, Asia, Russia, Scandinavian territories and the Middle East.
RBI’s vision is to enter into a transfer of technology leading to RBI Grade 81 natural soil stabilizer being manufactured in the country of usage. It has already been specified in many European government tenders as a proven technology.
With the ever-increasing costs of bitumen, asphalt roads are becoming more expensive. Since an RBI Grade 81 treated layer does not require an asphalt layer, not only will an RBI Grade 81 treated road function as an asphalt road in terms of durability and under any weather, but also as the treated layer is of such a high standard that if asphalt is required, the layer used can be reduced substantially due to the irreversible strength of the RBI Grade 81 layer beneath.
RBI Grade 81 stabilized layers have been proven to be very durable and wear resistant, and meets the standards required by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to resist extreme climate and permafrost conditions, and thus the goal of being able to modify a gravel/dirt road to function much like a tar road in all weather conditions can be achieved at a fraction of the conventional cost. Treated pavement layers stabilized with RBI Grade 81 are also resistant to adverse pot-holing, corrugation and ravelling.
RBI prides itself on being the only company in the world involved in soil stabilization able to show performance records over a period of more than 15 years.
RBI Grade 81 natural soil stabilizer is non-toxic and ecologically safe, made up of a blend of naturally occurring mined ingredients, and is effective on a wide range of soils from clay to sand. It is applicable in a wide range of climatic conditions from very high temperatures to well below freezing.


        和所有通过公路进行运输的环境相同,在矿场及其周围修筑道路是一项复杂、昂贵但又必不可少的工程,不过RBI 81级天然土壤稳定剂提供了一个经济实惠并且环保的解决方案。

        由公路建造国际有限公司(RBI)开发的RBI 81级天然土壤稳定剂提供的公路设施建设方案,以使用现场天然土壤为主,能够保护环境,同时可节约至少50%的道路建设成本。



        RBI 81级天然土壤稳定剂符合所有欧洲标准,并在多个欧洲国家和印度按照ISO9001质量管理体系进行生产。公司在整个欧洲、亚洲、俄罗斯、斯堪的那维亚地区和中东地区独家供应这一产品。

        RBI公司的目标是进行技术转让,在RBI 81级天然土壤稳定剂的使用国生产这一产品。作为一项成熟的技术,它已被很多欧洲政府招标文件所指定。

        随着柏油成本不断上涨,沥青道路正变得越来越昂贵。而用RBI 81级产品处理过的基层不需要沥青层,在耐久性方面它与沥青道路一样,并且在任何天气下都可以使用。由于处理过的基层达到如此之高的标准,如果要求再使用沥青的话,沥青层可以大幅度减少,因为位于下面的RBI 81级基层拥有永久性的强度。

        使用RBI 81级产品稳定的基层已被证明具有非常持久、耐磨的特点,满足挪威公路管理局要求的承受极端气候和冻土条件的标准,因而可实现将砾石/泥土道路改造为和沥青道路一样可在任何气候条件下使用的目标,而其成本仅为使用传统修筑方式的一小部分。经RBI 81级产品稳定处理过的路面层还可防止有害的道路涡穴、起皱和磨损分裂。


        RBI 81级天然土壤稳定剂无毒,对环境安全,它由多种天然矿物质调配而成,可有效地用于各种土壤(从粘土到沙土)。该产品可用于从高温至严寒的广泛的气候条件下。


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