The Resources and Energy Symposium in Broken Hill, far western New South Wales, from May 23-25 is only two weeks away and an impressive line-up of speakers has been engaged to ensure delegates are kept up to date about the Australian resources industry.

Among the companies presenting will be A-Cap Resources with managing director Dr Andrew Tunks to discuss the company's 65% JORC resource upgrade to 261 million pounds U308 from its Botswana uranium project, which places it within the top 10 undeveloped uranium deposits world-wide. He will also deliver a keynote address on the current conditions of the nuclear energy industry.

Commenting on the upgrade, Andrew Tunks says “This is a fantastic result for A-Cap and testament to the hard work from our teams both on the ground in Botswana and in Australia. Our exploration program is ongoing and we believe that real potential exists for us to grow this resource further.

“The recent tragic events at Fukishima, Japan have dented the faith of some in the investment community in regards to nuclear technology. However recent statements coming out of Korea, China and India indicate these nations are recommitting to nuclear power. Thus we believe that the industry will soon rebound, with global demand for uranium far outstripping mine supply.”

Other topics to be discussed at the symposium are alternative energy and natural disasters.

Professor Ian Plimer, of Adelaide University, strongly believes that without resources we would “all still be in caves”. Moreover he believes that Australia will face many challenges moving forward especially competing on a global stage where technological advances has changed the way third world and developing countries develop their resources.

The chief economist of the Commonwealth Bank, Michael Blythe, will address issues that impact on the economy, particularly those that reverberate through the resources sector. He will analyze the sector predictions and provide informed insights into how to keep Australia not only the 'lucky' country but also a prosperous one.

Natural disasters have been having a big impact on the resources sector. Leading international economist Dr Richard Hames believes Australia is vulnerable and exposed. He says, “The Australian resources sector has been a vital part of Australia's growth and a significant contributor to the wealth of our region. But future relevance and viability should not be taken for granted. Prosperity and influence can only be maintained if the industry's leaders are able to face up to the more startling challenges that are already disrupting traditional notions of business-as-usual.

“As the world faces environmental challenges resources companies must accept the fact that a new industrial revolution is taking place.”

The symposium theme 'Future-proofing Australia - the resources perspective' focuses on the resources sector as a whole bringing together oil and gas, mining and minerals, and alternate and renewable energy companies. Keynote speakers will address the issues, challenges and sustainability of the sector that together is the largest contributor to Australia's economy.

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