Carbon Friendly Solutions’ subsidiary MicroCoal International has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese iron and steel producer Hebei Iron and Steel Group (HBIS) setting out the terms for a detailed project design package to be developed for a large-scale industrial facility.

HBIS utilizes about 9 million tonnes of coal annually to produce steel and aims to lift efficiency as well as reduce its environmental footprint by utilizing MicroCoal’s coal upgrading technology.

This technology has been developed to reduce input costs, optimize operational performance and decrease environmental footprint. MicroCoal is focused on upgrading coal through the use of its patented technology.

International Energy Agency statistics indicate that China is one of the largest thermal and metallurgical coal markets worldwide. Thermal coal is primarily used for generating electricity, while metallurgical coal, which must contain specific coking properties, is used in steelmaking. China produces 51% of the world’s metallurgical coal, making it the largest producer and consumer of metallurgical coal, accounting for more than 500 million tonnes of consumption in 2010.

Canadian-based Carbon Friendly reports that its second visit to China has been successful in establishing a number of relationships with coal-fired utilities, which may provide significant opportunities for MicroCoal’s technology, given that China relies on coal for 79% of its electricity generation.

Carbon Friendly’s CEO Slawek Smulewicz says, “I would like to thank Ms Li Yan, our representative, and her local team in China, for establishing relationships and organizing meetings which led to the signing of this MOU with HBIS.”

Carbon Friendly Solutions 公司已经通过其子公司 MicroCoal 国际公司与中国钢铁 生产商-河北钢铁集团 (HBIS) 签署了一份谅解备忘录,制定详细的工程设计条款 开发大型工业设施。




考虑到中国79%的电力都依靠煤,总部位于加拿大的 Carbon Friendly 公司公布其 第二次访华已成功地与数个煤需求公司建立了合作关系,这为其子公司 MicroCoal 的专利技术提供了重要的机会。

Carbon Friendly公司首席执行官 Slawek Smulewicz 称:“我代表公司向我们的代 表李兰女士及其中国团队致谢,感谢与我们建立合作关系并组织会议使得我们与世界上最大的钢铁制造商签署合作备忘录。”

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