Parsons Brinckerhoff has been appointed to prepare a mining lease application for Lincoln Minerals’ world-class Kookaburra Gully flake graphite project in the southern Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia.

Lincoln has a target date of 2015 for full-scale production from Kookaburra Gully. The project’s known resource inventory to date puts it in the global top 10 graphite deposits based on grade.

Parsons Brinckerhoff’s scope of services includes:

  • Preparation of the mining lease proposal report in support of the mining lease application;
  • Delivery of required technical study components, either directly or through sub-consultants appointed by Lincoln Minerals;
  • Preparation and implementation of a Stakeholder Consultation Plan; and
  • Meetings as necessary with DMITRE and other parties.

The mining lease proposal will require detail on the proposed open pit, tailings storage facility, processing plant, transport routes, water supply, power and other infrastructure to enable an assessment of the potential environmental impacts as well as mitigation and management measures.

AMC Consultants is preparing a conceptual mine plan, while EBS Ecology is undertaking flora, fauna and cultural heritage surveys and Aldam Geoscience is undertaking a groundwater study.

“A key component of the Kookaburra Gully project will be the Stakeholder Consultation Plan,” Lincoln’s managing director Dr John Parker says. “This will address impacts and benefits to landholders, stakeholders and the wider Eyre Peninsula community,” including general operations, truck movements and surface water and agricultural operations.

Moreover, “landholders and the community have shown high interest about mining proposals in relation to the environmental, social and economic impacts and benefits,” he added. “Parsons Brinckerhoff has extensive knowledge and experience in stakeholder engagement, coordinating studies that support mining applications and preparing documentation to facilitate the statutory approvals process in South Australia.”

The appointment, John Parker noted, “is a key step forward to making the eventual transition to a mining operation at Kookaburra Gully within our targeted timeframes.”

Bulk sample testing of Kookaburra Gully’s mineralization is under way with earlier work by Lincoln identifying a possible low risk, low capital and low-cost mine and processing plant could be built on-site for under Aus$50 million with processing costs less than Aus$400 per tonne of concentrate.

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