Bathurst Resources has announced a reserves tonnage update for its Buller Coal Project, with exploration analysis yielding increased confidence of reserves for the South Buller deposits.

Consequent total Run of Mine (ROM) reserves have increased 10.6% and now stand at 34.4 million tonnes, while the proved ROM reserves tonnage has increased by 20% to 16.9 million tonnes and the proved product reserve has increased by 15.9% to 13.1 million tonnes.

Bathurst’s managing director Hamish Bohannan says, “We are continually working to prove the known reserves for the Buller project. We are now planning the next programs to be implemented in the coming year that will add to this knowledge.”

Reserves tonnes for product coal are reported using a 12% in situ moisture for Escarpment, Cascade, Coalbrookdale and Whareatea West and 15% in situ moisture for Deep Creek, according to company officials. Resources and reserves have been deemed JORC-compliant by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Australian Institute of Geoscientists and Minerals Council of Australia.