Global mining sector intelligence service IntierraRMG and Scantherma, a fully independent remote sensing and imaging company, have announced a collaboration to combine Scantherma’s detailed imagery with IntierraRMG’s lease claim information to provide exhaustive intelligence on regional geology and prospectivity.

The partnership links enhanced interpretation of a region’s geology with lease ownership and location mining data, and allows for easier identification of features such as regolith, faults, folds and curvilinear features. It will help companies making the vital decision of where to direct their regional exploration strategies and drilling programs, uncover investment opportunities in new projects based on underlying geological criteria, and give greater insight into the geology of individual leases to highlight options for projects/portfolios.

Scantherma has worked globally to obtain niche datasets in the most remote locations for companies ranging from junior exploration companies interested in greenfield projects, through to established miners focused on expanding their brownfield interests.

Scantherma chief executive Amir Farhand says, “We understand how difficult and costly obtaining high quality data for mining and exploration projects can be, and we pride ourselves in our ability to obtain the highest quality datasets, where even basic topographic mapping is not available.”

Similarly, IntierraRMG is the mining industry’s preferred source of digital data for exploration, including lease data, drill hole results, funding and feasibility studies. The company provides intelligence ranging from mining and mineral information, through to cash costs and M&A activity.

IntierraRMG’s managing director Peter Rossdeutscher says, “Finding high quality new deposits continues to become more difficult and expensive; so access to richer and more timely geological and related information has also become critical. We are excited to be working with Scantherma to combine advanced imaging and sensing with digital data to improve identification and assessment of potential exploration targets in emerging mining regions.” or

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