Anchises Technology has become known as the Chinese leader in Underground Mining Vehicle technologies and since the company started in 1982. It has been at the forefront of eight leading industry innovations for underground trackless equipment.

The company markets its underground mine vehicles under the trade name SinoMe.

In 1982, Anchises introduced electric underground load haul dump trucks to China. Nine years later the company developed China’s first electric underground loaders which had a bucket capacity of 4 cubic meters.

In 1997 the company developed China’s first multi-disk wet brake and holds three patents over this technology. The following year, the company developed China’s first civil aviation medium-sized aircraft towing tractor. In the same year, Anchises developed the first underground low profile dump truck with a hauling capacity of 25 tons in China.

In 2002 the company became the first private enterprise to manufacture and supply underground trackless equipment in China.

In 2004, the company launched a series of underground trackless equipment using its own proprietary designs. Later that year, the company made its first export of a 2 cubic meter capacity underground loader to South America..

In 2005, the company became the first manufacturer to establish a research centre for underground mining vehicle technologies in China.

Anchises Technology president Maolin Feng says: “Our technology is based on vehicle technology, engine drive lines, hydraulics, brake systems, safety and tyres.

“We have a very strong design in drive lines including application of engines, converters, transmission and axles,” Maolin Feng says.

“We do not incorporate high technological components in our equipment, rather we simplify the working mechanisms because companies are looking for good performance, quality and above all easy maintenance. This has been ideal for the smaller and medium size mine operators.”

“We also supply modern equipments for high requirement such as remote control LHD, trucks and LHDs equipped with electronic control, automatic extinguish, center lubrication system, air condition cab etc.”

Anchises Technology SinoMe range of underground mine vehicles is growing at an average rate of 25% year on year. During the 2007-2008 year, sales were 60% domestic and 40% international, however during last year’s global downturn; sales were predominantly to the domestic market.

SinoMe underground vehicle range of products:

ACY-15 Diesel Underground Loader
ACY-2 Diesel Underground Loader
ACY-3 Diesel Underground Loader
ACY-4 Diesel Underground Loader
ACY-6 Diesel Underground Loader
ADCY-15 Electric Underground Loader
ADCY-2 Electric Underground Loader
ADCY-3 Electric Underground Loader
ADCY-4 Electric Underground Loader

Dump trucks
AJK-10 Dump Truck
AJK-12 Dump Truck
AJK-15 Dump Truck
AJK-20 Dump Truck
AJK-25 Dump Truck

Flame-proof underground vehicles
ACY-2FB Flame-proofing LHD
WC5E Vehicle

For more information on the Anchises range or SinoMe LHD vehicles contact:
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