A NEW hybrid satellite and mobile phone plan from Pivotel is set to strengthen connectivity and reduce safety risks for remote industries that operate in unreliable mobile coverage areas. As Australia’s fourth largest mobile carrier, Pivotel is leading an industry-first initiative to bring historically more expensive satellite phone costs in line with contemporary mobile phone plans.


Pivotel Group is strengthening connectivity for remote industries, such as mining.

Similar to ‘capped’ mobile plans, the service offers a large satellite bundle and an unlimited voice and SMS bundle in standard mobile mode.

Pivotel CEO Peter Bolger said the new solution aimed to help industries operating in remote locations to communicate with colleagues and management from anywhere, including notorious black spot areas, with a cost effective telco plan.

“With the remoteness of Australian workplaces, satellite phones are an essential communication channel, but the cost per minute to talk is generally considered high compared to what we are used to with current mobile phone plans,” he said.

“Australians working in remote areas rely on communication devices to keep them safe. This is why we have created the Thuraya Big Bundle package, a completely new package allowing users to make calls between the office and fleet at a much lower rate than other providers.”

Pivotel services come with a standard 04 Australian mobile number and businesses who already have a number of satellite phones can add the low-cost Thuraya Big Bundle services into their fleet to take advantage of the offering.

Pivotel’s Big Bundle can accompany the SatSleeve, an innovative device that fits on smartphones like a case, instantly transforming a regular phone into a satellite phone.

The SatSleeve can be used to make outgoing calls and access SMS and data services via the smartphone using satellite connection, yielding reception in locations where there otherwise would be none.

Businesses in the resources, transport and logistics, construction, forestry and agricultural sectors are among those who have already adopted SatSleeve’s technology.

Pivotel Group is an Australian provider of satellite mobile technology including satellite phones, satellite broadband, personal and asset trackers, docking kits, M2M connections and maritime communication.

Its experienced network of engineers, application developers and account managers ensure Pivotel Group’s licensed carrier network is directly interconnected with all major mobile satellite operators to provide the most extensive range of satellite voice, data, personal safety and asset monitoring solutions.

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