AUSTRALIAN developed blasting innovation BLASTBOSS™ is set to transform the drilling and blasting process, allowing industry operators to achieve better blasting results while using significantly less explosives. The internationally patented technology reduces the amount of explosives required in blast holes by using contained and controlled hydraulic energy to optimise and redirect the blast wave forces generated by ammonium nitrate explosives, delivering better rock breaking results. 


Blastboss founder and CEO David Handel at an international trial of the technology.

The launch of BLASTBOSS technology is set to positively impact the mining, quarrying and construction industries by greatly reducing the cost per blast and maximising production through increased operational, processing and transportation efficiency.

BLASTBOSS is available as individual components or a combined system supplied as powdered water barriers (DRYSHOT™), plasma decks (SHOCKWAVE™), powdered deck separators (DEKSHIELD™) and blast hole wall stabilisers (HOLEGUARD™).

BLASTBOSS was developed during a three-year program including six months of intensive testing and trials at number of international sites including Chile, Canada, Malaysia and Australia.

Inventor and CEO David Handel says international trials of the product have produced significant results. “Extensive trialling across various international locations has shown this new technology’spotential to transform the global and Australian blasting industries and we are really excited to introduce it to the global market.

“During a trial in Chile, BLASTBOSS reduced explosives used by 25% and increased production by 20% with overall more even rock fracture, which effectively makes every fifth blast cost free.

“Environmentally speaking, we noted that BLASTBOSS technology creates significantly less vibration, dust, noise and manages fumes, which makes for a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly worksite.

“The combined results of our domestic and international trials have left us assured that BLASTBOSS is capable of transforming the blasting industry by providing an innovative, effective and efficient blasting solution that reduces costs, increases productivity and safety, and protects the environment, he said.

David Handel, who has more than 30 years of experience in the mining, quarrying and civil engineering industries, says when evaluating possible blast dust suppression solutions he saw a need to re-evaluate traditional drilling and blasting methods, after investigating current practices used in the industry.

“Traditional blasting methods present many challenges to industry operators, including the requirement for large volumes of explosives and quality stemming rock, wasted energy from poor blast results, excessive noise and vibration, and water contamination of explosives. We saw the need for innovation of current drilling and blasting processes and worked with leading chemists, physicists and engineers to developBLASTBOSS.”

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