The International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) has beta-launched the knowledge hub, which supports the Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) programme.

TAMJan30 img02Created to address three of the most critical performance issues in the mining and metals industry, ICSV aims to make collision avoidance technology available to mining companies by 2025, minimise the operational impact of diesel particulate matter by 2025 in underground mining and introduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-free surface mining vehicles by 2040.

Large mining mobile equipment currently makes up around 30-50 per cent (and up to 80 pe cent) of the Scope 1 emissions at a mine. To help companies start a conversation on how to meet the ambition on GHG-emissions, ICMM, in partnership with equipment manufacturers and other technology providers, has developed a ‘maturity framework’ to help operations access industry case studies and other technical documents to understand what good looks like.

A self-assessment guide to use the GHG Maturity Framework can be downloaded here.

The Council said in a statement that the programme and the knowledge hub was intended to benefit the entire mining sector, not just ICMM members and is open to other equipment manufacturers who would like to join.