In areas of heavy impact and fast-moving material, K-Redi-Liner Polyurethane will ensure equipment is protected. Suitable for conveyor transfer points, high wear chutes, screen discharge, feed liners, hoppers and loading areas – you can trust that this Kinder Australia kryptane-engineered liner will provide the protection needed. For extreme applications, the K-Redi-Liner Ceramic incorporates alumina ceramic beads, which are firmly embedded in the polyurethane.

TAMApr02 KinderBoth models have a unique modular design with a bolt system that can be arranged into any pattern required and can fit into tighter, more specialised wear positions. Single 305- x 305-mm panels can be easily replaced rather than an entire liner, saving both time and money. Compared with traditional steel, the K-Redi-Liners are very light weight. This reduces OH&S hazards during their installation.

K-Redi-Liner Polyurethane and K-Redi-Liner Ceramic are both available in a variety of hardness durometers and formulas to suit the application specified. Polyurethane panels are available in thicknesses of 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm. Ceramic panels are available in thicknesses of 50 mm and 63 mm. The fastening bolts for both K-Redi-Liners are available in two sizes: ½ and ¾ inches. As an added protection, K-Redi-Liner Polyurethane can be fire retardant, fire resistant and anti-static formulated.


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