Australian-based Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has released its TCC (Total Coal Control) product, which it said can offer higher levels of dust suppression over the entire materials supply chain.

TAM100720 RSTTCC, the company said, was introduced in response to industry demand for innovations that can control coal dust more efficiently.

Environmentally safe and easy to use, TCC can be used for coal quality protection and material handling improvements as well as dust suppression. It has been designed for application to bulk coal as one treatment on-site.

“When used to suppress dust during loading, transfer points or storage, TCC treatment delivers long-term control of dust, coal protection from moisture and oxidation, helps deter stockpile fires and controls rain erosion, slumping and material loss,” RST said.

“TCC is a deep treatment that penetrates, agglomerates and coats the coal particles, while remaining flexible and film forming for the effective handling of coal.”

Specifically, the TCC treatment works by binding fine coal particles during mining to significantly minimise dust. It forms a skin/crust that coats material when stockpiled or transported in rail wagons, trucks and ships, all the way to the buyer or final delivery destination.

Should further dust suppression be required, the company added, customers can add small amounts of plain water onto TCC-treated coal at different transfer points to reactivate TCC’s advanced dust suppression properties. This also removes any need for additional applications.

“We developed TCC to address a variety of issues that can arise along the material supply chain with as little as one treatment in its cycle so even the power stations and steel mines that buy the coal get value from the treatment,” RST said.


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