Tomra Sorting’s Tomra Insight cloud-based data platform, which enables greater operational efficiencies and sorting optimisation, is now available for mining applications.

TAM102120 TOMRASortingThe system, which was first released in March 2019 for the recycling industry, is a subscription-based service that allows sorting machines to be connected devices for collecting process data. Information is collected in real time and then securely stored in the cloud for access and use at any time and from anywhere via a web portal for desktops and mobile devices.

The collected data gathered by Tomra Insight can help to optimise machine performance with its metrics, and operating costs can be reduced by simplifying spare part ordering as well as its flexible access to data and documentation. 

Monitoring machine health and performance, in near real time, also minimizes downtime and can also located gaps in production and analyse potential root causes, the company said, as management moves to predictive and condition-based maintenance.

“By capturing and using valuable data, Tomra Insight is transforming sorting from an operational process into a strategic management tool,” said Felix Flemming, Tomra Sorting vice president and head of digital.

“This tool is constantly becoming more powerful as we continuously develop it in response to customers’ needs and priorities. New functionalities and features are released every three weeks – a routine during which Tomra works closely with customers in pursuit of shared objectives.”  

Tomra noted that one of its early, pre-launch users of Tomra Insight was the Black Chrome mine in South Africa, where the system was connected to sorting machines at the start of this year.

“The data platform has convincingly proven its effectiveness,” the company said. “Among the gains made so far there have been improvements in process monitoring and streamlining, more efficient line-feeding and machine running times, and reduced downtime.”  


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