Australian predictive maintenance software maker Dingo and gold miner Newmont have come together in a global partnership to improve equipment health and extend the lifespan of the producer’s assets.

Dingo said that the teaming will allow Newmont to more quickly advance its remote Asset Health Monitoring support model. Additionally, it will permit the delivery of advanced predictive maintenance-driven insights worldwide.

The collaboration is not the companies’ first. The new partnership is an extension of a longstanding existing relationship between the companies that has already delivered greater asset health and availability and also reduced risk and costs through lengthening component life.

In this newest arrangement, Newmont will expand the use of Dingo's Trakka maintenance software and services to manage workflow from its Operations Support Hubs in Perth, Western Australia, and Denver, Colo., USA, then offering support to seven connected sites.

“With Dingo’s Trakka platform, Newmont will have a single source of truth to inform its predictive maintenance programs across the entire organization,” said Senior Director Operations Support Hubs Jason Hill.  

He noted that the producer’s asset health analysts use Trakka to view and analyse condition monitoring data from various sources, including onboard machine health data, operational data, fluid analysis, visual inspections, and work history. 

“This predictive analysis helps identify the corrective actions required to keep equipment running in optimal condition, and the recommendations flow directly into Newmont’s work management process through an ERP integration. Trakka will enable our people to tap into the power of data to drive continuous improvements." 

Hill also added that with the Dingo Trakka system Newmont will be able to streamline and standardise predictive maintenance processes, tools and services worldwide. This, in turn, will allow for safer working conditions, help to reduce costs, mitigate risk and fast-track the adoption of consistent maintenance strategies.