The MCG300 and MG900 controllers are the focus of Cummins’ newly released PowerCommand Microgrid Control line for the energy management and microgrid markets.

The new additions can take on the management, coordination and optimisation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Cummins said the line will be a one-stop-shop suite of solutions with hardware, software and services for clients to obtain, service and manage its microgrid controllers.

“The features of this new launch are wide ranging in their realm of possible applications,” explained the company.

“They optimise DERs for existing users and accommodate prospective DER adopters – particularly those reluctant to enter a previously dispersed distributed generation universe with many standalone products.”

The controllers can accommodate both stationary storage integration and renewable energy into a microgrid. 

It can also tailor a system to a specific project’s needs and budget. As explained by Ann-Kristin deVerdier, executive director for the management business of Cummins Energy, the company has been on a mission to back decarbonisation and has been focused on future tech.

“For the power generation market, this includes integrated microgrid solutions with battery storage, system-level controls and over time, hydrogen technologies in addition to diesel and natural gas,” said deVerdier.  

“With the addition of the PowerCommand microgrid controllers, Cummins continues to build on an ecosystem of products that work efficiently together to simplify and integrate microgrid deployments.”


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