With a goal in sight of reducing diesel reliance and ultimately dropping its operational emissions, BHP has teamed with longtime technology partner Toyota to trial light electric vehicles (LEVs) at its Nickel West complex in Western Australia.

The two converted a diesel LandCruiser70 to fully electric operation via onboard battery power; the vehicle will be used both above ground and underground at the site as part of the testing.

The trial also builds on BHP’s other testing work with other suppliers at Olympic Dam and Broadmeadow.

BHP president for Minerals Australia said the miner’s medium-term target is to drop operational emissions by 30% by 2030. He called it “another step” in its partnership to find ways to reduce emissions intensity of the company's light vehicle fleet.

Toyota Australia president and CEO Matthew Callachor said the trial is part of its own zero emissions future mission.

Nickel West asset president Eddy Haegel added that the complex anticipates seeing a reduction in fuel and maintenance costs in addition to a reduction in noise, heat and diesel particulate matter (DPM).

“The battery in the Toyota EV LandCruiser also contains a high proportion of nickel. With Nickel West being both a battery raw material producer and consumer in the electric vehicle market, it is a terrific opportunity to support Toyota with their understanding and development of electric vehicles for the mining industry, whilst also reducing the carbon footprint from our own nickel operations,” said Haegel.

Source: bhp.com

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