Water management group BQE has achieved full production at the gold metallurgical sulphidisation, acidification, recycling and thickening (SART) facility owned by Shandong Zhongkuang Group in eastern China.

The Shandong province plant is now in operation with technical supervision of BQE.

BQE said the SART is the first application in the world where the cyanide competing base metals, copper and zinc, are recovered simultaneously from the leach solution as two separate high-grade concentrates. Additionally, it is the first commercial-scale application of SART in China.

It is also the first SART facility where lime is in use to control gas emissions, which both controls process water salts and reduces operating costs.

Finally, BQE said the plant is the first to be integrated into a complex metallurgical flowsheet that combines mineral flotation with cyanidation and SART in a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) metallurgical facility with complete water recycle.

“The Zhongkuang SART plant is our flagship project for the China gold sector, and other gold producers in the country are taking notice,” said Songlin Ye, vice president for Asia at BQE Water.

Gold output in the Shandong province reached 120 tonnes (3.8 million troy ounces) in 2018 and remained steady into 2020. It makes up 30% of China’s total gold production. 

Source: BQE Water

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