As many as 1,400 rescue team members remain at an underground mining operation in China’s Xinjiang region after flooding in the region trapped 21 workers.

There is not a clear reason at this time behind the flooding event at the Xinjang operation in Hutubi County in western China. The crew was working on upgrades underground at the time – about 6:10 p.m. local time on 10 April.

Eight miners from the original team of 29 have already been removed from the mine. Local media reported that rescuers know the location of the trapped individuals: one in an escape route, 12 on a platform, and another eight on a second platform.

The biggest obstacle in the rescue efforts at current are idled power to the mine as well as disrupted communications. Water is being pumped out and air is being pumped into the workings at the same time.

One regional news story said the rescue team at the mine exceeds 1,400 people, and that the group of trapped workers are at a depth of about 1,200 metres.

Sources: ReutersXinhua News Agency